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Mission Statement

The CSC provides leadership to identify resources, build capacity and maximize collaborative efforts to support healthy families and vibrant communities

Who We Are

Formed by resolution of the Board of Supervisors in early 2002, the Siskiyou CSC was designated the Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) for Siskiyou County California. Since that time the CSC has continued to evolve to meet the communities changing needs

A foundational focus of the CSC is to research and promote countywide strategies aimed at the root causes of child abuse. We provide leadership to address issues including poverty, substance abuse prevention, access to primary and mental healthcare and unsuitable housing. Our efforts maximize the involvement of CSC Board members, who are all policy level professionals and business leaders. Strategies include convening and facilitating collaboration within the county to more specifically target the root causes of child abuse.

Community Vision

We hold and promote a vision of Siskiyou County as an inclusive, tolerant, safe, and prosperous community with people as our most important asset. We envision a community where every citizen...

  • Lives in a nurturing environment;
  • Is healthy, financially secure and substance free;
  • Maximizes educational and employment opportunities;
  • Has access to affordable housing, child care, health care, and transportation;
  • Is a valued and involved member of our community;
  • Is optimistic about the future.