Our Programs

The CSC facilitates and supports several community building efforts, all focused on “moving the needle” to reduce child abuse in our county. More specifically, our efforts are designed to identify the gaps in services and promote collaboration to meet the community’s needs.


Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness

1. As the Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) for Siskiyou County, the CSC coordinates and promotes advocacy and education with community leaders and others.  Specific activities include outreach and promotion of “Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness” month each April. CSC promotes the reinforcement of the awareness message with pinwheel gardens planted throughout the county.

2. CSC staff members are certified Stewards of Children facilitators and promote and present the child sexual abuse prevention training to various groups throughout the county.


Human Trafficking Prevention

CSC was a charter member and continues to provide support to the Siskiyou Anti-Trafficking Coalition (SATCo), comprised of representatives of numerous government and private organizations concerned about the growing problem of human trafficking in Northern California. SATCo’s mission is to educate the public, initiate prevention efforts and develop strategies to increase services for victims.  .

Youth Substance Abuse Prevention

The Siskiyou Substance Abuse Coalition (SSAC) brings together community leaders and other interested citizens to focus on youth substance use prevention efforts. Efforts have included support to the Athletes Committed and Committed Chapters in most local schools, Sober Grad nights and healthy lifestyle events for local youth. Current efforts include advocacy for prevention of youth access to recreational marijuana as exacerbated by recent legislative changes.



Poverty Awareness Initiatives

With poverty recognized as one of the root causes of child abuse and neglect, CSC has formed a coalition of local leaders concerned with and dealing with the complications of poverty for local families, particularly those with young children. The CSC was recently accepted in to the National Association of Counties’ Rural Impact Community Challenge to focus on improving the lives of children living in poverty.


Special Activities Related to Root Causes of Child Abuse

Behavioral Health Task Group (BHTG):

CSC is the fiscal/administrative agent for the BHTG, a subcommittee of the Siskiyou Healthcare Collaborative.  The BHTG is working towards better integration of mental health services and primary care services. The BHTG is primarily funded by Blue Shield of California Foundation. 

Siskiyou Against RX Abuse (SARA):

CSC is the fiscal agent for a California Department of Public Health grant to SARA, a subcommittee of the Siskiyou Healthcare Collaborative. SARA's efforts are focused on reducing opioid abuse in our community by working with providers, law enforcement and community members.